Short Stories

Here are some short stories, if you want them. Where there’s a link to continue reading on a free site I’ve put ‘Free’. Where there’s a magazine to buy (usually with some better stories by other people in it as well) I’ve put a link to where you can buy it. Some of these stories have been put in my very cheap collections costing only 99 of your Earth pennies which you can link to via my books page. If enough people buy, I’ll stop writing and leave you all in peace.

Clanky – Perihelion SF Nov 2017(Free)

Sneezy and the Government Man – Spaceports and  Spidersilk October 2017

The Scorpii GodThe Fifth Dimension Sep 2017

Campaign Trail – The Fifth Dimension – June 2017

Brickworm – Empyreome – April 2017 (Free)

The Union Man – The Fifth Dimension – March 2017

Pluck it Out – Trysts of Fate – February 2017

The Mouse that Roared – Aurora Wolf Dec 2016 (Free)

Poe Faced – Perihelion SF – Nov 2016




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