And Rejection makes you feel bad.

Just for balance. My story 'Pee Pees' was rejected by Phantaxis magazine, an excellent production of Canadian SF that I have reviewed on SFcrowsnest. Naturally, the best way for a magazine to succeed is by printing the best stories and rejecting all the others, especially mine. I don't hold it against them. It really is … Continue reading And Rejection makes you feel bad.

Acceptance makes you feel good

Especially an acceptance from a publisher. Yesterday, I had an email from Tyree Campbell at Alban Lake Publishing to say he is accepting Brigstowe Dragons II: Return of the Black Magician and it will be out next April. Hoorah! Although I have self-published some modest books of short stories (mostly previously published in magazines so … Continue reading Acceptance makes you feel good

Sex Pests

Today I road on the roof of the bus to avoid any inappropriate shoulder rubbing with females. Unfortunately, a pedestrian accused me of looking down her cleavage and I was arrested anyway. The cells were already full of wolf-whistlers, knee touchers and other sex fiends so the police let me off with a caution.