‘Clanky’ Published in Perihelon SF

After a long hiatus caused by illness and technical problems, Perihelion SF is back in business - hurrah! My new robot story 'Clanky' features in the latest issue. Perihelion features a variety of SF stories (no fantasy or horror) that are readable and entertaining instead of pushing a PC agenda or letting you know about some … Continue reading ‘Clanky’ Published in Perihelon SF

And Rejection makes you feel bad.

Just for balance. My story 'Pee Pees' was rejected by Phantaxis magazine, an excellent production of Canadian SF that I have reviewed on SFcrowsnest. Naturally, the best way for a magazine to succeed is by printing the best stories and rejecting all the others, especially mine. I don't hold it against them. It really is … Continue reading And Rejection makes you feel bad.