A rush of stories in print

It’s a funny old game, writing, especially short stories. The gap between writing, acceptance and publication can be as much as a year. There are often months on end when you have nothing coming out and wonder if it’s all a waste of time. This month I have two stories published and one little book. … Continue reading A rush of stories in print

Self-Publishing: Good or Bad?

I found this on the net while pondering the above question. The author is down on self-publishers but you can see why.  The virulence of some of the comments shows he's struck a nerve. Perhaps it would be a good idea to separate self-published from traditionally published in online bookstores to help readers. Some self-publishers … Continue reading Self-Publishing: Good or Bad?

New book: Choices and Other Stories

Woo-hoo! as that big yellow man says on the telly. My latest book Choices and Other Stories has finally passed through all the digital hurdles and is available at all good ebook stores for just $0.99 Here's the cover of the book along with a description. Choices and Other Stories by Eamonn Murphy is a mixed … Continue reading New book: Choices and Other Stories