‘New technology baffles pissed old hack’

My e-mail account is with microsoft. Once it was hotmail and now it is outlook. I’m vaguely aware that outlook is not the best but too lazy to change, and I don’t want to change my address and have all the hassle of telling everyone.

In the last few days I’ve had some trouble getting into my outlook account. It says there is a problem try again. Trying again is futile. I googled it (other search engines are available) and one post said try using a different browser. I have google chrome on my laptop so I switched to that and got in instantly.

My usual browser is microsoft edge, by default as part of Windows 10. It makes no sense to me that microsoft’s own browser won’t access microsoft’s own e-mail service but google’s browser can.  Maybe I should switch.

I stay loyal-ish to Microsoft because that nice Mister Gates and his wife spend a lot of money on good works, trying to cure malaria. Whatever you buy nowadays is making some tycoon richer so one might as well pick a nice tycoon. But this situation is a bit odd.

The headline is a quote from Private Eye by the way.

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