Wix vs WordPress – same thing

After struggling for ages to set up this wordpress site so that it made some sense – and failing – I decided to try Wix, as recommended by someone. It’s about the same. There are lots of blurbs telling you how easy and wonderful it is and plenty of annoying spinning visuals and pop ups to get in the way but no helpful information.

On Wix, I clicked on help, read it, and couldn’t get rid of it! The help screen blocked me from doing what it was telling me how to do? Is it so difficult to put a red x in the top right hand corner to get rid of the darn thing?

This morning I’ve had fun with wordpress. I have pages for short stories, reviews, and a big grey area about widgets. It is not possible to find out what a widget is except that they are wonderful and you can move them all over the place. My pages are blank because it’s all on the front page. I did find some info on moving stuff to the sub pages but when I did it, it didn’t work.

Even so, I’ve a mind to stick with wordpress. There’s very little point in changing to something that isn’t any easier.

I just bought a couple of free books on kindle that might help. I realize I’m crap at technology but surely it shouldn’t be this difficult.






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