The Fifth Dimension

Following a boom in acceptances that have hit the stands recently  – a boom for me is three – I have a long yarn in the March 2017 issue of The Fifth Dimension.

The Fifth Dimension March 20170317

The Fifth Dimension is published my Nomadic Delirium Press and is another good small press publisher putting out the work of lesser known authors. And they too publish on paper as well and send a real mashed tree copy to the author!

I was especially pleased to sell ‘The Union Man’ as it’s quite long – about 8,000 words – and has been in the trunk for a while. Luckily editor J. Alan Erwine has a bent for stories with a political slant so he liked it.

I reviewed the June 2016 issue of The Fifth Dimension on I can’t do this one. It’s a bit dodgy to review your own story. People might think you’re biased.




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